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Guys Only


Volume 14

Vol 14, Guys Only 201012_1.jpg

Who is behind these people? Do you really see yourself in your pictures? These questions were central to the creation of the photos in this «Guys Only» issue. As the title of the issue suggests, the focus was exclusively on male portraits. The photos should put the person in the foreground and show the participants so authentically that they can recognize themselves in them.

In order to achieve this authenticity, we recorded our protagonists in two different situations, which are also reflected in the concept of the magazine. The left of every double page shows a calm portrait with an identical setup (light and camera settings). For the right-hand side, we were inspired by the person, their story, clothes and hobbies.

Behind the scene video

BTS Video created by Capricorn Pictures

The diversity of the men portrayed is huge. They are between 18 and 73 years old and work in a wide variety of professions such as pastor, baker, computer scientist, actor, engineer, etc. This can also be seen in the pictures: the setup is the same, the stories the pictures tell are so different.

You are probably wondering why we only portray men in this issue? The answer is simple: we wanted a change. Since we had almost exclusively women in front of the camera so far, we set ourselves a small task: Can we find enough men to fill an entire magazine? As you can see: we have achieved our goal. More than that. We did not expect so many reactions to our advertisement and are overjoyed with the result with 27 double pages - the hard and at the same time inspiring work has paid off. But now look for yourself and immerse yourself in the world full of personality and self-being. Have fun!