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We are a couple of photographers and we travel a lot with the cameras. We don't like to be limited in our photographic work. Often it is also the sheer joy of experimenting that makes us reach for the camera.

Experimental photography is our constant driving force and allows us to explore new areas and improve existing skills.

A big step for us!

We have been officially on the market under the label since November 2016. Our focus is on:

  • People / family

  • Business and private events / parties

  • Sports / sporting events / concerts

  • Business shootings for business portraits, internet and marketing (flyers, newsletters, etc.)

foto t stands for:

  • Discreet work,

  • Reliability,

  • fast delivery and of course

  • Professionalism.

How we work:

Private persons and families

  • We are happy to take photos at your home or in a place where you feel comfortable. We also do smaller photo shoots in our home studio.

  • Shortly after the shoot, you can mark your favorite photos for retouching on our protected online platform

  • The finished images can then be downloaded directly from the online platform or ordered as prints.

Business shootings

  • The photos are taken on location, ie we come to your company. We bring everything from the lighting to the background

  • A short time after the shoot, usually after 2 to 3 working days, the photos are ready to be downloaded from our secure online platform.

  • The customer has the copyright

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