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This special issue of my 48 | Be Visual magazine was created as a project work of my CAS Creationship education at the ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts).

The Project Idea

Thanks to the very good cameras in our mobile devices, anyone can now take a great photo quickly anywhere. The fact whether the light is right, the colors match, the people in the picture are wearing the right clothes, if there is a garbage can in the background, etc. is often given little consideration.

Photographers or a photographer can not leave all these things to the coincidence. This magazine gives you an insight into the work of 16 photographers and is intended to explain and graphically represent the effort that went into the creation of these photos.


Zum Inhalt

In the age of cell phone photos, it is often very easy to forget how much effort can go into a photo. For a good photo, you need various ingredients. In a survey, many would certainly say it takes a good camera, a beautiful landscape, a great model, and so on.

This is certainly true, but it is often forgotten that there is also a lot of planning and conceptual work that goes into the picture. For example, the locations must be scouted, appointments organized, permits obtained, a lighting concept, and much more must be created.

  • 32 photos by 16 photographers

  • Description of how the photos were taken

  • Photographers from 12 different countries

  • Evaluation from a survey for the effort evaluation with 9 questions

  • Magazine 60 pages

It's like a good meal, there needs to be planning (recipe), ingredients need to be sourced (preparation), then cooking is performed (the actual photo shoot session), and last but not least the finished food is beautifully arranged on the plate for the eye (the post-processing).

This also brings me to the idea for this edition. For this edition, I asked various local as well as international photographers to select two photos for presentation in this magazine. In addition, I asked them to describe the image idea, how the image was created, and the effort required to create it.

I recorded the time and technology/investment effort with an online survey with 9 questions. The 9 questions are divided into two main categories:

  1. Personal effort (time)

  2. The technical and financial effort

I have evaluated the information from the survey. The result is shown as a chart on page 3. A detailed overview of the responses can be found on page 57.


When reviewing the table, it becomes apparent that 50% of the photographers spend more than 2 hours and 25% more than 5 hours on the concept. It is even more distinct with the planning, without exception, all photographers participating in the survey invest more than 2 hours and 30% more than 5 hours.

The use of special software in the digital darkroom is standard today. Only one of the 16 photographers does not use special software.

Virtual Exhibition

All photos from the magazine can be viewed in this virtual exhibition.


I would like to thank all photographers for their support of my project and now I hope you enjoy exploring this special issue.



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